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Graduate Student Spotlight: Jorge Perez-Aguilar

August 06, 2019
"The best advice I could give would be find a place that you could see yourself living for four to five years and enjoying your time, and working in a research group that is very helpful and inclusive,"

Graduate Student Spotlight: Noah Fevley

August 06, 2019
"Attending school somewhere new is difficult no matter where you go, but everyone at UC Davis is warm and friendly, making the transition easier."

Graduate Student Spotlight: Tommy Harrelson

August 06, 2019
"There is no replacement for graduate school: It gives you the opportunity to acquire a breadth of knowledge and the freedom to explore ideas -- an opportunity that you won't find in any position right out of undergrad."

Graduate Alumni Spotlight: Jasmine Corbin

August 06, 2019
My favorite part of Davis was the sense of community: The whole university, and even the whole city, really feels like one team working together, trying to make the world a better place.

Donor Endowments Support CHE Faculty and Research

August 01, 2019
Endowed professorships and chairs are both an important way to help faculty research groups to flourish and a mark of profound generosity from donors to the Department of Chemical Engineering.

Optimizing Controls Systems with Matt Ellis

July 26, 2019
From cars to energy to factory floors and retail stores, control systems—systems that manage or regulate different devices or smaller systems—are a huge part of our everyday world. New chemical engineering assistant professor Matt Ellis works to make these systems run more efficiently and solve problems for industry.

Harishankar Manikantan: Flowing Through the Field of Complex Fluids

July 26, 2019

New assistant professor Harishankar Manikantan is a researcher and teacher in all senses of the words. With a background in three different disciplines and a passion for outreach and mentorship, he joins the Department of Chemical Engineering to advance the field of complex fluids and teach the public about the physics behind the gels, foams and other complex liquids we use every day.

Alumna's Philanthropy Makes a Difference for CHE Undergrads

June 13, 2019
It’s normal for students to feel financial relief thanks to scholarship support from UC Davis donors – but for Robin Nguyen ’19, the Alan Jackman Scholarship offered a lifeline during the most difficult time in his life.