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Tenure-Track Lecturer Position Opening

November 18, 2019

Applications are invited for a Lecturer with Potential for Security of Employment or Lecturer with Security of Employment position in the department of Chemical Engineering at UC Davis. The successful candidates will be outstanding educators and should provide evidence of effective and innovative teaching in chemical and/or biochemical engineering. In addition to teaching courses, candidates are expected to lead the development and assessment of a new Master of Engineering(MEng) program in chemical engineering.

Ambarish Kulkarni honored for graduate advising and mentoring

August 20, 2020

Chemical engineering assistant professor Ambarish Kulkarni is one of 34 faculty members across UC Davis to receive an inaugural Graduate Advising and Mentoring Award. He was nominated by the chemical engineering graduate program in recognition of service to the program, commitment to advising and mentorship the positive impact he has had on both graduate students and colleagues.

Airborne Viruses Can Spread on Dust, Nonrespiratory Particles

August 18, 2020
Influenza viruses can spread through the air on dust, fibers and other microscopic particles, according to new research from the University of California, Davis, and the Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai. The findings, with obvious implications for coronavirus transmission as well as influenza, are published Aug. 18 in Nature Communications.

Going viral

June 24, 2020
Though viruses are known for causing diseases like COVID-19, UC Davis chemical engineers Karen McDonald and Priya Shah think they can be as beneficial as they are destructive. From producing and purifying drugs for humans in space to inspiring new tools for biotechnology, viruses are being re-engineered to help humans who are suffering from injuries or diseases.

UC Davis launches new Ph.D. diversity initiative in biotechnology

June 12, 2020

A new UC systemwide program led by chemical engineering professor Karen McDonald and the UC Davis Biotechnology program, in collaboration with Sacramento State University (Sac State), will help graduate students from underrepresented backgrounds improve their understanding of and preparation for academic careers in the professoriate.

Distinguished Professor Robert Powell Receives 2020 Oliver Johnson Award

June 04, 2020
The University of California Academic Senate has awarded UC Davis Distinguished Professor Robert Powell as the 2020 co-recipient of the prestigious Oliver Johnson Award for Distinguished Leadership in the Academic Senate. This award, named after late Senate activist Oliver Johnson, is given biennially to two UC faculty members who have contributed in outstanding and creative ways to the Academic Senate and shared governance.

Making proteins for COVID-19 antibody tests

May 20, 2020

Three chemical engineering research groups are teaming up to find new ways to produce COVID-19 proteins for serological tests for antibodies.

Adam Moule named Joe and Essie Smith Endowed Chair of Chemical Engineering

May 07, 2020

Professor Adam Moule will be the next Joe and Essie Smith Endowed Chair of Chemical Engineering. The endowed chair honors early-career faculty members with established potential as researchers and scholars in chemical engineering. Title holders receive extra funds toward their research, teaching and professional activities to further their leadership in the department, on campus and in their field.

Job Opening: Assistant Project Scientist in the McDonald-Nandi Laboratory

April 24, 2020

A research position for a Project Scientist is immediately available at the McDonald-Nandi laboratory, Department of Chemical Engineering, University of California, Davis to work on the projects that need to transgenically/transiently express, measure, and characterize pharmaceutical proteins in lettuce and Nicotiana benthamiana. The successful candidates should have outstanding and appropriate research experience and should provide evidence of effective and innovative research in the areas listed below.

How Important Is Speech in Transmitting Coronavirus?

April 02, 2020
Normal speech by individuals who are asymptomatic but infected with coronavirus may produce enough aerosolized particles to transmit the infection, according to aerosol scientists at the University of California, Davis. Although it’s not yet known how important this is to the spread of COVID-19, it underscores the need for strict social distancing measures.

Karen McDonald receives TRISH grant to study just-in-time medications for space exploration

January 14, 2020

Chemical engineering professor Karen McDonald and her team have received funding to develop plant-based methods for producing FDA-approved drugs in under 24 hours for use in deep space. The proposal, “A Plant-Based Platform for ‘Just in Time’ Medications” is one of six to receive of a two year, $800,000 Translational Research Institute for Space Health (TRISH) grant from the Baylor College of Medicine.