UC Davis launches new Ph.D. diversity initiative in biotechnology

June 12, 2020

A new UC systemwide program led by chemical engineering professor Karen McDonald and the UC Davis Biotechnology program, in collaboration with Sacramento State University (Sac State), will help graduate students from underrepresented backgrounds improve their understanding of and preparation for academic careers in the professoriate.

Ph.D. student Michael Bull receives UC Laboratory Research Fellowship

December 30, 2019

Chemical engineering Ph.D. student Michael Bull recently received an In-Residence Graduate Fellowship from the UC Laboratory Research Fees Program. Bull will receive a stipend and mentoring from researchers at Los Alamos National Laboratory in New Mexico while conducting research both at the national laboratory and at UC Davis in professor Tonya Kuhl’s laboratory.

Graduate Student Spotlight: Jorge Perez-Aguilar

August 06, 2019
"The best advice I could give would be find a place that you could see yourself living for four to five years and enjoying your time, and working in a research group that is very helpful and inclusive,"

Graduate Student Spotlight: Noah Felvey

August 06, 2019
"Attending school somewhere new is difficult no matter where you go, but everyone at UC Davis is warm and friendly, making the transition easier."

Graduate Student Spotlight: Tommy Harrelson

August 06, 2019
"There is no replacement for graduate school: It gives you the opportunity to acquire a breadth of knowledge and the freedom to explore ideas -- an opportunity that you won't find in any position right out of undergrad."