Chancellor Fellows

Congratulations to Chancellor Fellow Recipient Professor Adam Moule

CHE Professor Adam Moule has been named a 2018 UC Davis Chancellor Fellow recipient. 

The CHE Department nomination spoke to his development of new technology for solar panels and his laboratory works in the interdisciplinary area of organic electronics. Students in his courses use a variety of characterization techniques to study fundamental processes like optical properties, structure, dynamics and mixing, as related to devices like organic photovoltaics, organic, light emitting diodes and organic field effect transistors.  

Department Chair and Professor Roland Faller and Spyros Tseregounis, senior lecturer and awards committee chair, commented "Adam has welcomed the challenge of teaching large enrollment introductory courses, and he has accepted cheerfully this difficult task (up to 470 students in one “General Chemistry” class)."

The UC Davis Chancellor Fellows program began 18 years ago to provide philanthropic support to early career faculty members. Each fellow receives $25,000 to advance their research projects and other scholarly work and may keep the title for five years.

“I am proud to call all of them ‘Chancellor’s Fellows,’” UC Davis Chancellor Gary S. May said. “They are the kind of stellar educators and researchers who make UC Davis a world-renown institution. They will likely go on to win more prestigious awards and grants in their fields, thanks to the early support of their research from this award.” 

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