A bowl with various vegetables and rice as well as seaweed and cultivated protein
Yellowtail poke bowl made from cultivated protein. (BlueNalu)

Chemical Engineering Professor to Lead New Center for Alternative Meat and Protein

The University of California, Davis, is leading the establishment of a new Integrative Center for Alternative Meat and Protein, or iCAMP. The center will work toward large-scale commercialization and technological advancement of alternative proteins, including cultivated meat (from animal cells grown in large fermentors), plant- and fungal-based foods, and innovative hybrids that combine conventional meat products with alternative proteins.

Bringing together leading researchers and academic institutions, industry professionals, advocacy groups and food innovators, the center aims to make the global food system more sustainable.

The world's demand for meat is expected to increase 50% to 100% over the next 25 years, said Center Director David Block. As a major source of global greenhouse gas emissions, meat production contributes meaningfully to climate change.

"Expansion of conventional animal agriculture is unlikely to be able to meet demand at a reasonable price," said Block, who is also a professor in the chemical engineering and viticulture and enology departments. "We have to come up with alternatives and create additional sustainable food sources."

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