Ahmet Palazoglu publishes third edition of Introduction to Process Control

uc davis chemical engineering textbook ahmet palazoglu process control third edition

Chemical engineering distinguished professor Ahmet Palazoglu published the third edition of his textbook, Introduction to Process Control this July through CRC Press, LLC. The book, co-written with Louisiana State University professor Jose Romagnoli, was first published in 2005 and updated in 2012.

The textbook covers all the key concepts of process control and how to implement them using real-world examples for chemical engineering undergraduates and industrial practitioners. The third edition has a number of updates, including a link between process optimization and process control, an overview of modern industrial control system architecture and techniques, concepts and examples related to smart manufacturing—something that has become increasingly important in industry.

“It’s an excellent textbook with a nice balance between process modeling/analysis and control,” said professor Karen McDonald, who used the book in her “Process Dynamics and Control” (ECH 157) course. “I particularly appreciated the ‘continuing problem’ approach used throughout the text, the accompanying MATLAB toolboxes that allow students to easily simulate closed loop responses for different controller designs and tuning parameters, and the detailed mathematical definitions, tools, and frameworks provided in the appendices.”

Process control combines concepts in control engineering and chemical engineering to optimize industrial processes for efficiency, reliability and safety. In many ways, it involves looking at an industrial process as a chemical reaction, with different components comprising the different reagents and the efficient system as the product.

Palazoglu studies modeling, control and analysis of complex systems. His lab is currently working on projects related to integrating green energy systems into the power grid and developing new methodologies for fault detection and diagnosis in process systems.

He received his B.S. from Middle East Technical University in Ankara, Turkey, his M.S. from Bogzaiçi University in Istanbul, Turkey and his Ph.D. from the Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute in New York. He has been with UC Davis since 1984, working his way up to distinguished professor in 2017.

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