CHE meets Give Day challenge; purchases two rheometers for lab classes

Thanks to generous donations from alumni, friends and Chevron during this year’s UC Davis Give Day, the Department of Chemical Engineering was able to purchase two rheometers from Anton Parr to enhance undergraduate lab classes and expand graduate student research capabilities.

Rheometers measure the way a liquid, suspension or slurry flows in response to applied forces, which helps students learn and conduct research in rheology, fluid dynamics and transport.

Folgers Coffee Partners with the UC Davis Coffee Center

The UC Davis Coffee Center, started in the chemical engineering department by professor Bill Ristenpart, is proud to announce a recent $500,000 gift from Folgers Coffee.

The Folgers Analytical Chemistry Lab will provide the first university infrastructure in the nation to address the unresolved questions around how certain molecules naturally present in coffee affect the final flavor profile of this beloved beverage.