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CHE Advisory Board Members

The Mission of the Advisory Board is to provide advice, assessment, and assistance to the Chair and the Faculty of the CHE Department on its programs, strategic plans, research, and outreach efforts. Visionary ideas of the Advisory Board will help position the Department to:

  • Maintain its chemical engineering technology excellence and leadership;
  • Continue to provide industry and academia with exceptional graduates; and
  • Conduct outstanding research essential to advancing the state of the art of the profession.

The Board consists of individuals who have a distinguished career in the chemical engineering profession. Board members are drawn from leaders in academia, industry, and national labs; several are CHE alumni.


Name Title Organization
Javier Guzman Heterogeneous Catalysis, Global Chemical Research

ExxonMobil Chemical Company, Spring, TX
Bruce Keen Global VP of Engineering

Wrigley, Chicago, IL
Robert Kiss Director and Distinguished Engineer, Late Stage Cell Culture, Pharma Technical Development

Genentech, San Francisco, CA
Deborah Leckband Director, Bioengineering Graduate Program, Department of Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering, Department of Chemistry, Center for Biophysics and Computational Biology

University of Illinois, Urbana, IL
Chaz Lemmon Senior Advising Process Engineer, Rodeo Refinery

Phillips 66, Rodeo, CA
Cynthia Murphy Portfolio Manager, University Affairs, Corporate Human Resources

Chevron Corporation, Richmond, CA
Scott Owens CEO

Chemtrusion, Inc., Houston, TX
Ravi Ponangi Director, Process Technology Development

E&J Gallo Winery, Modesto, CA
Daniel Schwartz Boeing-Sutter Professor of Chemical Engineering; Director, Clean Energy Institute; Adjunct Professor of Materials Science & Engineering

University of Washington, Seattle, WA
Howard Stone (Board Chair) Donald R. Dixon ’69 and Elizabeth W. Dixon Professor in Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering

Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering, Princeton University, Princeton, NJ
Shankar Sundaram Director, Quantitative Systems Biotechnology

Lawrence Livermore National Lab, Livermore, CA
John Wasson President and COO ICF International, Fairfax, VA