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Our graduate program provides students with a personal experience within a large research university. Students have one-on-one access to our faculty members while being given a true interdisciplinary mentoring experience from faculty both within and outside the department. This unique graduate program structure lends itself well to the highly interdisciplinary nature of the field and allows students to research multiple facets of chemical engineering. 

Thanks to our individualized mentoring and research opportunities, our graduate students are well-prepared for careers in either academia or industry. Graduate students interested in industry jobs are particularly well-prepared for research and development positions. Our students are often able to quickly find jobs with some of the top companies and research labs in the nation due to our proximity to both the Bay Area and multiple national labs. Doctoral graduate students interested in careers in academia gain the dual experience of teaching and research that ensures that they are well-prepared for a faculty or postdoctoral research position.

Above all, we strive to make UC Davis a place where students form connections with each other, with faculty members and with the university that will continue throughout their post-graduate careers. Check out our "After UC Davis" page to see where our alumni have found careers and to find information on how to stay in touch after graduation.

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