The College of Engineering has mandatory advising holds for all undergraduate engineering students. As a CHE major you must meet these advising requirements once a year, during a specific quarter, which is determined by the first letter of your last name.

Failure to release your hold by the deadline will result in the inability to make any changes to your schedule.

The mandatory advising schedule is as follows:

  • A-G: Fall Quarter Hold
    Deadline: December 15
  • H – N: Winter Quarter Hold
    Deadline: March 15
  • O – Z: Spring Quarter Hold
    Deadline: September 15

Procedure to Release the Hold

To remove the hold, you must:

  1. Go to and then click 
    Forms & Petitions -> Submit a New Form -> Academic Plan
  2. Make a three quarter academic plan and click Submit
  3. Make an appointment with an undergraduate program advisor using the online appointment system

Tips for your Advising Appointment

  • Making an appointment: Early hold meetings are conducted only on an appointment basis.
  • Completing the form prior to the appointment: The one-year academic plan (see above) must be turned in before your scheduled appointment via
  • Meet with the Chemical Engineering peer advisor prior to your appointment for scheduling help.

Do you plan to change your major?

  • If you plan to change to another major within the College of Engineering, please meet with an advisor from your intended major to clear your hold.
  • If you plan to change to a major outside of the College of Engineering, please bring an academic plan approved by an advisor from your intended major to a Chemical Engineering undergraduate advisor to clear your hold.