The Department of Chemical Engineering is dedicated to maximizing the safety of all students and employees. On this page please find forms and information related to laboratory safety within the Department. For any safety related issues or questions, please don’t hesitate to contact:

Safety Training Requirements for All Personnel

All faculty, students, and employees within the department are required to complete the following safety training annually:

Some personnel may be required to complete specialized training depending on the nature of one’s work activities. Two common examples are given below, but please work with your supervisor and/or the DSC to determine if additional training is needed.

  • Hazard Communication – Training may be required for faculty, students and staff who DO NOT work in experimental labs but will be handling, using, or storing hazardous materials.
  • Lab Safety for Support Staff – Required for those whose job functions do not include research, but may require accessing research lab spaces (e.g. IT support).

Safety Training Requirements for Research Labs

In addition to the Department Safety Training, all faculty, students, and employees that work in research laboratories are required to complete the following trainings before unsupervised activities are permitted:

  • UC Laboratory Safety Fundamentals Course, an online training course covering general lab safety.
  • Lab-specific Orientation which covers emergency procedures, engineering controls, PPE, standard operating procedures (SOPs) and other safety information that is specific to each lab/PI.  This will be arranged with your Lab Safety Coordinator.
  • Additional training will also be required for research that presents unique hazards, including the use of radioactive or biological materials or research lasers.  Please take a look at the Safety Training Matrix to help you determine if any other training is required or applicable.

Finally, a Laboratory Orientation and Key Authorization Form must be signed by your Professor (PI) for you to receive a key and/or access code to the lab.

Safety Records

Every lab is required to maintain up-to-date records of the following:

  • Chemical Hygiene Plan, which is included in the UC Davis Laboratory Safety Manual.
  • Chemical Inventory Note that you must conduct the CUPA lab self-inspection in order to complete the on-line chemical inventory process.
  • Safety Data Sheets (SDS) for each chemical in the lab. These may be stored as hard-copies or electronically, but must be freely accessible to anybody entering the lab.
  • Emergency Eyewash and Shower testing record, if applicable
  • Fire Extinguisher monthly checks
  • Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) and documented training for authorized users

Moreover, all labs must perform annual “self-audits” of their laboratories using the CUPA checklist and the Self-Inspection form:

Assistance for self-audits is available upon request.  Please contact Bill Doering to set up an appointment.

Useful Resources

Department Safety Documents


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