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Alternative EnergyAlternative Energy

Alternative Energy research is strongly represented in the graduate program with both experimental and theoretical contributions to a wide variety of alternative energy applications. The Moule group investigates methods to solution-fabricate photovoltaic devices using organic materials. The goal of this research area is to vastly reduce the cost of photovoltaic production. We use electron microscopy to investigate the complex 3D morphology of organic components and also develop methods to rapidly coat layers of materials for photovoltaic applications.

Profs. Stroeve and Moule are leaders in the California Solar Energy Collaborative (CSEC). The mission of the California Solar Energy Collaborative (CSEC) is to assist the State, key stakeholders, and the Energy Commission in developing and expanding the utilization of solar power in California. This mission is consistent with the California Solar Initiative (CSI) which has set a target of installing 3000 MW of solar power generation capacity in California by 2017, and with California’s overall renewable energy goals, as articulated in the Renewables Portfolio Standard (RPS), and greenhouse gas reduction targets, as articulated in Assembly Bill 32.

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