Ambar Kulkarni

Portrait of Ambar Kulkarni

Position Title
Associate Professor

  • Chemical Engineering
Bainer 3100

Ambar Kulkarni is an associate professor in the Department of Chemical Engineering at UC Davis. After receiving his B.S. from Institute of Chemical Technology (formerly, UDCT), Mumbai (India), he moved to the U.S. to complete his PhD (Georgia Tech, with David Sholl) and postdoc (Stanford, with Jens Nørskov). Since Fall 2018, his research group has been focused on combining advances in multiscale molecular modeling and machine learning with multifaceted experimental collaborations to addresses the big challenges in catalysis, separations, and sensing. His research group has deep experience with a variety of functional materials (e.g., zeolites, metal-organic frameworks (MOFs), metals, oxides), simulation methodologies, and automated analyses of experimental data (e.g., x-ray absorption spectroscopy, NMR, surface-enhanced Raman spectroscopy). The Kulkarni group is supported through grants from the National Science Foundation (NSF), Department of Energy (DOE), and industrial partnerships.

Education and Degree(s)
  • B.S. Chemical Engineering, Institute of Chemical Technology, Mumbai
  • PhD Chemical Engineering, Georgia Institute of Technology, Atlanta