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Welcome to newly appointed Visiting Scholar: Professor Dirk Reith

From Oct 25th to Nov 29th, Professor Dirk Reith from Bonn-Rhein-Sieg 
University of Applied Sciences (H-BRS) in Sankt Augustin, Germany, 
joined our department as a visiting scholar. He is a frequent visitor 
and collaborator of Professor Faller for over ten years.

Dirk Reith is currently the scientific director of the H-BRS-hosted 
research Institute for Technology, Resource and Energy-efficient 
Enegineering (TREE) that strives for new innovations in sustainability. 
It is therefore one goal of Reith’s stay to found research partnerships 
in that field. An additional mutual benefit would also be the 
possibility for common internship or thesis opportunities for students 
or cooperation in advising or to establish international teaching 
exchange programs.

Originally, Faller and Reith share common interests in the field of Soft 
Matter simulations, especially force field development, coarse graining 
techniques and applications to industrially relevant areas like 
lubricants, plastics, or new high-tech materials. In recent years, the 
collaboration was also extended to include Professors Moule and 
Palazoglu. Dirk Reith returns to Germany on Dec 1st, but visits of UC 
Davis faculty to Germany are already planned for 2018.

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