mouleThe Alexander von Humboldt (AvH) Foundation promotes scientific cooperation and cultural exchange between German scholars and researchers from around the world. The Foundation provides funds, mostly in the form of postdoctoral fellowships, for Germans to travel to other countries and for all nationalities to study in Germany. The Humboldt network has supported over 27,000 scholars worldwide and continues to support “Humboldtians” by providing opportunities for continuing scholarship in Germany and hosting German AvH scholars at home institutions. Prof. Adam Moule received a competitive grant to fund his sabbatical stay, which is split between the University of Cologne and the Max Planck Institute for Polymers in Mainz, to study the effects of doping in polymer semiconductors. To learn more about Humboldtians at UC Davis and upcoming meetings, contact Ethan Evans, the current leader of the American Friends of the Humboldt network.