May 5, 2015

UC Davis’ Chem-E-Car team has proved victorious in the in the Western Regional Meeting, which automatically qualifies the team for November’s National AIChE Meeting. Congratulations to the team!

The UC Davis Chem-E-Car team is sponsored by the student chapter of AIChE (American Institute of Chemical Engineers). In the Chem-E-Car Competition, student teams compete to build the best shoe-box-sized, chemical-reaction-powered car according to the assigned design specifications.

  1. Over 40 students participated in designing and building the car, with an extraordinary amount of man hours spent researching possible reactions for both stopping and power reactions.
  2. 28 Chem-E-Car members and 33 total UC Davis students traveled all the way to Pomona for the event.
  3. There were 11 teams at the regional conference, and 10 teams competed.
  4. The specified distance was 23 m and the load was 366 g (or mL) water.  Our car ran very fast – not a good thing – but consistently, at 1 m/s, so timing was fairly straightforward.
  5. The UC Davis Lead Foot had a winning run of 19.54 m.  It later had a victory run of 23.66 m, 66 cm from the goal line.
  6. The second place team (UCI) stopped at approximately 28 m, the third place team (UCSD) at 13 m.


Click here to see more photos on the UC Davis AIChE Facebook page.