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General Information

Before you spend money on the University’s behalf, it is your responsibility to understand the UC Davis Purchasing Policies and Procedures. This page is designed to help you navigate the most efficient way to obtain your reimbursement of allowable expenses. If your expenses are unallowable, then reimbursement will be delayed or disapproved. These procedures are for reimbursements that are being paid from accounts managed by the Department of Chemical Engineering ONLY.

If you are being reimbursed from an account in a different department, then you should consult with the Account Manager in that department and use the local reimbursement process.

All forms can be found here.

Select the category for which you are seeking reimbursement. These include:

You will be directed to detailed information and specific forms.


Lost or non-itemized receipt?

  1. Complete this form.
  2. Attach any supporting documentation (ex. un-itemized receipt, sales draft, copy of credit card statement).
  3. Submit this form with the rest of your reimbursement packet to your account manager.
  4. Be prepared for questions from the Shared Service Center and Accounting Offices.


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I don’t know which account number to use.

Submit the report to your Account Manager with some information about which account to charge.

Examples: “The Department Agreed to Pay”   “My NSF Grant”   “My discretionary account”   “My Travel Award”

I don’t know the Business Purpose for the Entertainment.

Common Entertainment reasons are: lunch provided for [Guest Speaker] as part of the CHE 2014-2015 seminar series, lunch with visiting collaborator to discuss research related to X project, or faculty research seminars for students.