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Entertainment Reimbursements

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This is the correct form to use whenever you purchase food for other people.


  1. Complete the Entertainment Reimbursement Form.
  2. Attach your original receipt.
  3. Attach an agenda for the event.
  4. Attach a participant list.
  5. Submit the packet to your account manager.
  6. When the Shared Service Center says your report is ready to be submitted, log in to MyTravel, review the report, and submit it.

Help filling out the entertainment reimbursement form

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Employees need only enter their name under Traveler Information. We already have your contact information.

Entertainment may occur while you are traveling. You should use the Entertainment Reimbursement form for entertainment that occurs while you are on Travel status.

For seminars a copy of the flyer announcing the seminar is a sufficient agenda. It is especially helpful if the flyer says who is welcome to attend (ex. “Open to the Public,” “Engineering students are encouraged to attend,” etc.) and that refreshments will be served.