Milestones: New Graduate Students

Milestones: New Graduate Students

Milestones for New Graduate Students

You’ve decided to attend the Chemical Engineering program at UC Davis? Great! We are delighted to welcome you to the Aggie family. Most new students arrive in Davis in early to mid-September as housing leases generally begin on September 1st. You’ll want to get started on looking for housing right away as vacancies can fill up fast (we’ve included a link for housing resources at the bottom of this page). Additionally, Graduate Studies at UC Davis created a Facebook group for admitted students, so that you can connect with other new graduate students. This group will also be an important resource for the most up to date announcements regarding Graduate Studies Orientation. We look forward to welcoming you in Fall! 

Below is a list of the steps that you will need to take to get registered for Fall classes and the orientations and trainings that need to be on your radar for Fall.

Steps to Attend UC Davis:
  1. Submit your Statement of Intent to Register via your Graduate Studies admission email.
  2. Doctoral Students – Return your signed funding offer letter.
  3. Create a UC Davis Computing Account.
  4. Send in your official transcripts.
  5. Submit your Statement of Legal Residency.

Once these five steps have been completed, you can register for your Fall classes and proceed with registering for the below trainings. You will receive additional information on registering for classes once one of the staff graduate advisors has verified all of the above requirements have been completed.

Other Events

Resources for New Students